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For Suzie, James, and Timmy, it’s the end of the world. And that’s before aliens invade Earth.
by Sheryl Schaffner: Script supervisor and continuity script
2/24/19 | 17:00

It starts in 1959 with three teenagers on a stargazing trip that turns into an evening of heartbreak, jealousy, and sexual confusion — and then...

Slightly silly but practical exploration of the C stand.
by Sheryl Schaffner: Producer, head writer, director, and camera operator
2/24/19 | 3:19

Mr. C Stand is the first in a series of shorts demystifying filmmaking gear.  With this one, I won the Audience Choice Award at the Zoomies,...

Scott discusses how he helps screenwriters sell their scripts and helps producers create and own the scripts they...
by Nancy Fulton: Producer and interviewer
2/14/19 | 1:35:48

In this in-depth video interview, Scott Hadley Morgan reviews his decades writing, co-writing, ghostwriting, and pitching screenplays here in...

What they don't teach you in Film School
by Joan Gringer: Executive producer
9/24/18 | 0:37

This will be a personal Producer instuctor workshop where each student will learn how each crew position helps create characters and the storyline...

Teens be creative, and inspired by the professional filmmakers introduced to the creativity & technology of...
by Joan Gringer: Producer/Progam Director
9/24/18 | 4:20

Quiet On The Set! Teen Filmmakers Program, LLC teaches film production to inner city urban teens from scriptwriting, cinematography, to the...

Ethiopian Movie
by Mulualem Getachew: Produser script writer and director
9/10/18 | 1:39:12

(''Your country is mine'' is a drama that show as cultural, personal and civilization  differences between a  ledy who grow up in abroad With...

Some things are worse than dying.
by JUSTIN HEAD: Screenwriter and director
9/6/18 | 2:07

A group of tourists out on a night drive safari in a South African game reserve, are targeted by a gang of heavily-armed animal poachers who are...

Everyone pays the price.
by JUSTIN HEAD: Screenwriter, director, editor, and Executive Producer
9/6/18 | 1:01

Whilst securing a deal for illicit gold in the war-ravaged DRC, an unhinged security contractor turns against his own men to protect a suspected...

There is no rest for the wicked.
by JUSTIN HEAD: Screenwriter, director, producer, and editor
9/6/18 | 1:07

When a tormented security guard declines the help of a mysterious priest, his sanity starts to unravel, and he finds himself being hunted down by...

Whatever you say will be held against you.
by JUSTIN HEAD: Screenwriter, director, producer, and editor
9/6/18 | 0:36

An outspoken psychology professor is brutally attacked by politically radicalised students as part of an initiation for a new recruit. He resorts...