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Taylor C. Reeves: Yellow Dress

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Woman walks along water in a yellow dress.

Where does life take us if we go out and explore? What happens when we embody the day's sunshine and let it soak into our very being? Take a walk in a Yellow Dress and find out.

Taylor: Camera operator, editor, and director


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Originally from the Metro Detroit area, I moved to New York City to pursue my passions in film and music. I attended Digital Film Academy where I completed the Advanced One-Year Program and received a certificate in Film/Video Production. Before, and while in film school, I produced video content for businesses, organizations, and individuals, helping to tell their stories to the world. Since attending film school, I have worked on several film sets as a producer / production manager, sound mixer, script supervisor and more! I enjoy what I do because I believe in the significance of storytelling and conveying various aspects of life to an audience to inspire and provoke conversation about various topics.

Sound mixer
Script supervisor and production manager
First assistant director