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Nancy Fulton: Using Film Analytics to Persuade Film Investors

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How do you get someone to invest in your film? Successful investors like to look at the numbers.

In this interview with Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton, Bruce Nash, founder of The-Numbers.com, and leading film analytics firm Nash Information Services, LLC. addresses: • How film analytics can be used to help you, and your investors, determine how likely your movie is to make money. • How you can use film analytics to make your film far more likely to earn more in distribution • What analytics are most predictive of an independent film’s success • What statistics are available for independent films (genre, budget, cast, production company, etc) • What statistics are available for film revenues in given markets (theatrical release, premium internet release, cable, DVD sales, etc) • Insights into correlation versus causation • Why it matters to investors where your numbers come from 

About Analytics & Film Funding

How do you get someone to invest in your film? Successful investors like to look at the numbers. So how do you get credible numbers for your original production? The answer lies in analyzing "Comps"--financial data for comparable films. The industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and comp analysis now needs to cover not just the theatrical market, but also physical and digital video sales; kiosk, online and pay-per-view video rentals; traditional TV markets and streaming subscription services, all for domestic and international markets. Armed with this crucial information a producer can make better decisions regarding the budget, casting, distribution channels, marketing and overall viability of a film project.

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