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Nancy Fulton: Scott Hadley Morgan: Pitch Doctor, Script Doctor, Screenwriter & EP

Scott discusses how he helps screenwriters sell their scripts and helps producers create and own the scripts they most want to produce.

In this in-depth video interview, Scott Hadley Morgan reviews his decades writing, co-writing, ghostwriting, and pitching screenplays here in Hollywood while working with Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal, etc. He also addresses helping indie producers get the content they want, and working with other screenwriters to tell the stories they most want to tell. You can learn more about his work at www.linkedin.com/in/scotthadleymorgan and can contact him at sitcom.director@gmail.com at (424) 332-8993. 

You will find this an interesting interview if you want to become a working screenwriter and need someone to help you learn how to pitch and sell your work. Producers looking to hire a ghostwriter to create a script to their specification will also find the interview interesting, as will anyone interested in creating content with or for China.

Topics addressed in this interview include:

  • Professional Background
  • Screenwriting Credits
  • Film & TV Projects
  • Previous Representation
  • IMDB and the 20+ Scott Morgans
  • Current Work with China
  • What Writers should be Doing
  • Pitch Fests / Screenwriters Expo, Inktip
  • Festivals / Santa Barbara, Slam Dance, Venice
  • Maybe you should get out of your house for a while . . .
  • Deciding Which Projects to Pitch
  • Learning How to Pitch Correctly
  • Understanding Who You Are Pitching and Their Objectives and Concerns
  • Acquisition Advice
  • Attachments vs Barnacles
  • Screenwriting & Script Analysis
  • Script Assessment & Analysis
  • Hero’s Journey
  • 12 Act Screenplay
  • Templates
  • Freddie Fields Laughs per minute
  • Cross out every 3rd line
  • Global Media, Global Markets, Global Funding

Questions: If you have questions about this interview, please email me at nancy@nancyfultonmeetups.com.


Nancy: Producer and interviewer


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