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Joan Gringer: Quiet on the Set Teens

Teens be creative, and inspired by the professional filmmakers introduced to the creativity & technology of filmmaking,

Quiet On The Set! Teen Filmmakers Program, LLC teaches film production to inner city urban teens from scriptwriting, cinematography, to the editing of their own film. The process of the program provides teens with opportunities to be creative, and inspired by the professional filmmakers that work with them as they are introduced to the technology, and gain skill and self-esteem. The group dynamic of working towards a result, the short film, requires cooperation and collaboration which has enormous influence on their potential futures. The program is free to the teens participating.


Joan: Producer/Progam Director


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Quiet On the Set Teen Filmmakers It’s an exciting and challenging after school/summer program designed to teach inner-city at risk and addition recovery young adults  the creative artistry, science and business of filmmaking, with the hands-on experience of creating a film from the writing stage all the way to the final edit.  The program will focus on educational enhancement, technical training and life-skills development using recreational style instruction. This emphasis on will be on storytelling using their lives and communities through the art of film.  

Adult Film Lecture Class. Producer instuctor workshop where each student will learn how each crew position helps create characters and the storyline on set. Not only actors create characters, the crew helps develop the character performance and their personality. This is NOT a bootcamp or will you become a filmmaker in 3 hours. This is reality of filmmaking.



Supervising producer
Program director