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Eddie Hagopian: Question

Eddie Hagopian posted a question to screenwriters:
March 20, 2018 at 6:08 pm | 542 views | 2 comments

How do I start or upload my script into my project?



Two ways:

(1) You can provide your screenplay as part of creating a project: There's a field in the "Create a new project" form where you can choose your screenplay file.

(2) If you've created a project but didn't include a screenplay, you can add it to the project. Go to the Stripboard tab for the project and click "Import screenplay".

In both cases, you'll be walked through our analysis of the screenplay file and shown the scenes, locations, and characters that will be created from it.

A general rule: A Final Draft version of a screenplay will almost always be handled better than a PDF. If you have both, definitely use the Final Draft doc.

More information: https://beta.productionnext.com/help/create-a-new-project


Some feedback: I'd recommend adding the "Import screenplay" field in the Script tab as well. This may be more intuitive.