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Susan Spellman: How do you move on from iMovie?

Susan Spellman posted a question to directors and producers:
June 5, 2017 at 3:19 pm | 454 views | 1 subscriber | 3 comments

I've used iMovie for some of my first video projects, and am ready to go beyond that.  What should I look into, and what's the best way to figure the thing out?



I recommend Final Cut Pro X. It's the future of editing. Makes great use of meta data that means that searches and organizational tasks are more powerful. Also, there are significant user groups that support the platform.


If I were new to editing I'd try Adobe CC - you can get a monthly subscription, and you can try it for 30 days before you buy. I truly cannot stand to use iMovie at this point . . . although 20 years ago that was what I used. And then? Just edit, edit, edit . . . and watch and rewatch interesting scenes to see how they were put together.


The natural progression from imovie is final cut pro x. I use it and love it, but it's not popular with editors because it does things differently e.g. the magnetic timeline. If you want to learn the software that is popular in the industry I'd look into Adobe Premiere and/or Avid Media Composer (some editors I know still use final cut pro 7). My stance on editing and NLE's is that they are tools, and it's much more what you know from theory and practice that matters more than which software you use. An analogy- I can use any hammer to drive a nail, no matter who manufactured it.