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A young soccer star struggles with the thought of re-injury of his ACL
An inspirational sports movie
A woman finds out her husband is flirting with their son's teacher, she plots revenge against...
A wife and husband, Vincent Russo and Christina Russo, are getting ready for bed. Christina asks Vincent how the parent-teacher conference went for their son. Vincent makes a comment about their...
A mute seventeen-year old Jewish immigrant, who has lost his parents, brother, and sister must...
Chutzpah, a mute seventeen-year-old Jewish immigrant in 1851 Savannah, GA, was a happy-go-lucky kid hoping his family would be happy again once they escaped the persecution, restrictive laws, and...
Just a pig, and the movie.
Based on Ch 5, On Directing Film by David Mamet
Log line here.
Synopsis here.
Is a pig really just a pig?
A family decides how much money their family pig is worth for slaughter.
I don't see one
In a world where a pig exists in a movie.
Lots of pigs. Lots of fun scenes. A good movie for all farm animal. Family friendly.