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After a night of celebrating with his best friend Gabriel finds himself being accused of fighting.
This is a narrative film about a friend who comes to the rescue, after a false accusation threatens to ruin her best friends future.
Think "Back to the Future" meets the History Channel
When a brother and sister learn, from their grandfather, that they can travel back in time, and visit some of our countries greatest historical figures. When those from history are still in their...
Jacob a law student studying the mind of stalkers must confront and get rid of his own stalker...
While hanging out with his friend Malcolm, Jacob a Law student finds out his ex-girlfriend is now dating his new roommate. Through a series of strange encounters with her and photos taken of him...
A struggling holiday DJ looks for a new way to pay for upcoming rent
A struggling holiday DJ looks for a new way to pay for upcoming rent
A Struggling DJ looks for new ways to pay his rent before he gets evicted
Chad Anderson is a Dj from a small town.
A struggling Dj needs to find a new gig or else he will be evicted
A DJ named Chad Anderson tries to pay his rent one day when he sees that he is broke. He has 24 hours to find the money or else he will be out on the street.
A homeless orphan teenager struggles to make an income and his only escape from poverty is by...
Tommy Wells is a homeless orphan teenager and must find a way to make more money. He is a street performer and plays his guitar for those walking the streets of downtown Statesboro, Georgia, and...
When dance becomes war, who will be left standing
When dance determines the fate of the loser, a group decides to fight for those left behind
"Small Town. Secret Fishin' Hole. Galactic Consequences."
A pair of retired Vietnam vets and their "adopted" granddaughter have a close encounter with a UFO during their annual trip to the secret fishin' hole.
ESTECO, LA SOBERBIA,LA SODOMA SURAMERICANA Obra digna de ser patrocinada para cine, teatro y televisión, necesito una productora, que distribuya y financie impresionante historia real,...