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"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy."
This is a streaming show geared towards gaming, art, live music, and other fun downtime stuff not directly related to filmmaking. This show is a companion to "My First Feature".
"Documenting the progress of a first-time writer/director."
This is a streaming show that airs on several platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/Periscope, and Twitch!
Two long time rivals face off in a winner take all golf tournament.
Keegan Blaze looks to defeat his long time nemesis Patrick West in the regional golf tournament and win $10,000 and a spot to play in the Web.Com amateur tournament.
Evil comes in diverse forms
After finding out he is adopted Harley milrow finds out his mom has been possessed by an evil skin walker .he. Soon leaned he is the key to setting her free. HIm and his newly found friends help...
The escapades of a guy who owns a pot store.
Elgin has never been what you would call a go-getter. He always seemed to fail at everything. Then he created a brand new strain of a marijuana bud. He decided to open his own pot store...
A son trying to save his dying father reflects on his suicidal brother while forming a...
James races his father William to the hospital, while remembering a few years earlier when his brother Cole tried to kill himself. The two events happen simultaneously as James feels he can't...
meat sausage
In a quirky Lake Tahoe town, an Irish/Paiute Sheriff balances the white man’s justice with...
A 30-minute character-driven dramedy--a wry look at rural Martis County bordering Lake Tahoe (from the Washo word dá’aw, meaning “Big Water”) through the eyes of the Sheriff Mac Mackenzie....
Everybody fear them. And so will you.
Movie opening scenes for my Project. I have everything done (Script, call sheet, treatment, etc). I only need actor/actress (2 men and 1 woman) and appropiate filming equipment.