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Pas de deux
A pickpocket falls in love with a pianist who leads her on a chase through Athens, with the police right behind them.
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http://robertmaclean.blogspot.gr/2010/11/rainer-maria-rilke_23.htm Sexy puckish pickpocket Becky is teasing a wallet out of a purse on a crowded Athens metro when she notices beautiful callow Miranda, and falls in love. Miranda escapes her, Becky escapes the purse-owner, and the chase is on—through the picturesque Athens labyrinth, past street musicians who make the film’s music. Oops, Becky picks the pocket of a policeman on vacation, and he’s obsessed with catching her. “My name is Wesley Stankovitch! I don’t care if it doesn’t sound British, I am a police detective with New Scotland Yard—No! I’m on vacation! My pocket has just been picked and I have a photograph of the culprit! Now can I have some men over here!” They send him a policewoman, whose captain distrusts her, especially when she gets pregnant on the job. Becky’s father doesn’t know what his daughter is up to, in any sense. But her psychiatrist gets it as it happens, and she and Becky keep up a running commentary on the action. Miranda’s mother doesn’t know what Miranda is up to, and is shocked when she finds out her daughter is having a lesbian affair. So is Miranda’s music professor, who wants to marry her; and so is her priest and substitute father. When Becky picks the pocket of a Chicago dentist, he falls in love with her, and he’s on her trail too. And then when Stankovich dies accidentally and the body has to be moved, she needs everybody’s help. Becky will never entirely catch Miranda. “She’s like Mrs Darling in Peter Pan—there’s a kiss in the corner of her mouth her husband can never quite get.” But together they play the comedy of desire. Street music, crowds, cathedrals, the Plaka, dreams of love, a non-stop chase—we’re in motion. Pretentious Pictures presents a summer comedy.