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Now Again
A son trying to save his dying father reflects on his suicidal brother while forming a relationship with his alcoholic mother.
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James races his father William to the hospital, while remembering a few years earlier when his brother Cole tried to kill himself. The two events happen simultaneously as James feels he can't escape and there is nothing he can do. Punctuated with humor, we explore family and friends each with their own feelings of baggage, isolation and empathy for one another. The pace quickens into a climactic final scene that leaves both father and brother dead, with James seemingly alone, until he's held in the bittersweet embrace of his mother Carol who he's been trying to stop from drinking. Driven by guilt, forgiveness, trauma, repetition, and love. This is a story in which everyone is trying to do the best they can, but so much remains outside their control. It's about the people we need and the things we hold onto when we feel like it's all slipping away.

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Louis Cox