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Why is it so difficult to believe in the magic of the Universe?
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SYNOPSIS: In the course of ten minutes one morning, twelve strangers are miraculously drawn to the house of a young college professor named Michael Fisher. They have come from all over the country, from vastly different walks of life and spiritual backgrounds, yet they all look to Michael as their spiritual teacher. Michael has been running from this responsibility his entire life, even though it was predicted during a childhood encounter with an angel in his sandbox. Despite his fears, Michael struggles to lead his twelve unlikely housemates through a series of miracles and misunderstandings on their journey to enlightenment. But when Michael’s extraordinary abilities are exposed to the outside world, egos and ideologies threaten to tear the fragile group apart and perhaps destroy their, and our, perceptions and preconceptions about life, salvation, miracles and the very nature of the universe as we know it.