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A 90-minute Webinar about the American Film Market featuring Ben Yennie and Tanya Kersey
If you want to make a living as a filmmaker while making anything except commercials or industrials, you're going to have to attend the American Film Market. But AFM has a culture all it's own, and without some guidance, it's hard to find...
Here's how to get the members of your core team working with you on ProductionNext.
You can assign them specific job categories, like "producer" or "propmaster", which will give them the permissions they need to work with you on your project.
A quick overview of how to get yourself and your projects up and running.
This covers the basic features of your home page, your production company, and your projects. It's a good overview of what ProductionNext can do for you.
You want your team working with you, in ways that you determine.
An in-depth look at how you can control how your team can work with you on your projects -- how to specify what they can (and can't) do.