May Yam

San Jose, California
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MY Studios has an award-winning team with distributed films to theaters across US and Canada. They are known for their extraordinary eye for detail. As visual storytellers and cultural anthropologists, we bring prowess to projects ranging from Primetime Emmy® nominated news segments to Virtual Reality films focused on solving humanitarian problems. The Xmas Cake film May Yam directed, filmed, produced, edited and sound designed was nominated for Best Documentary Short at Tribeca Film Festival, 2019. Fortune 100 clients include Sony Entertainment TV,  Intel, Vodafone, Cisco, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Hilton and Marriott Hotel.

MY Studios is dedicated to making films that inspire, educate and empower.

Director, first assistant director, second assistant director, and casting director
Producer and co-producer
Editor, continuity script, and colorist
Sound designer
Camera operator
Vr and virtual reality