Jeffrey Scott

Los Angeles, California
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Experienced line producer, having worked on more than 30 projects, including Buddies, How Your Father Met His Second Wife, City Sanitation and Disposal, The Workplace, Incarcerated Development, Better Off Fred, Two Broke Guys, Citizen Five, and a little-known Hollywood spoof called Comedy!

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The future of filmmaking is lean, mean and web based.  But it's also about quality.  While we may use clickbaity marketing titles on our videos, we still make excellent content.


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Jeffrey's current projects:

How fast did Jabberwocky change things? Just watch.

The first movie promised to change things so much, they fast tracked the film to make an international version.   But the treatment was missing a page, and there wasn't much for those poor filmmakers to do but innovate on their own.   

Not only does every movie tell a story, but every movie has one. This is how we show people how we made Jabberwocky, in a way that will help in commercials, PR, and DVD extras. Essentially, it's just a really great presentation.

Jabberwocky is so new and innovative, we can't give too much away about it.  Because really, products are for people without presentation skills.