Benjamin Mitchell

San Francisco, California
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Ben is an impassioned storyteller who has entertained millions with his releases over the years. He has an MFA in Motion Pictures & Television and a BFA in Animation and Visual Effects from Academy of Art University. He has worked tirelessly to establish himself as a fully actualized commercial artist, and wields a diverse skill set, unmatched in the industry. 

"My goal with every project is to transcend expectations by delivering entertainment that grabs the audience from the very first frame, and keeps them mercilessly enthralled until the credits roll."

Editor and colorist
Visual effects technician

Red Hen Media is a full-service production studio. Our experienced team and state of the art facility delivers the top-tier production value and quality storytelling that audiences deserve.

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Benjamin's current projects:

"Small Town. Secret Fishin' Hole. Galactic Consequences."

A pair of retired Vietnam vets and their "adopted" granddaughter have a close encounter with a UFO during their annual trip to the secret fishin' hole.

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy."

This is a streaming show geared towards gaming, art, live music, and other fun downtime stuff not directly related to filmmaking. This show is a companion to "My First Feature".

"Documenting the progress of a first-time writer/director."

This is a streaming show that airs on several platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/Periscope, and Twitch!

"Using reason to figure things out in a topsy-turvy world."
This is a streaming show that covers News/Current Events, Skepticism and Critical Thinking!