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I'm the VP of Biz Dev for ProductionNext.   I also rep Films through Guerrilla Rep Media, and I'm the Executive Director of Film Insight.   I'm the author of the first book on film markets, The Guerrilla Rep: American Film Market Success on No Budget.  That book is used as a text in ten film schools, and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and more than one hundred independent bookstores.  

San Francisco, California

Recent journal entries

Welcome back!  In this week’s blog we’re sharing 5 MORE movies every filmmaker needs to see.  As with before, each of the films chosen has decisive reasons to be on this list.  It’s not just the standard Godfather, Apocalypse now, Battleship Potemkin, and all of those film history...
July 3, 2018 | Movies, Reviews, Filmmaking
In order to be a good filmmaker, you have to watch a lot of movies.  We here at ProductionNext certainly have watched a lot of them.  As such, we thought we would compile a list of movies every filmmaker needs to see before they make their next movie.  Unlike many other similar lists...
June 26, 2018
There’s a lot of stuff ProductionNext does.  Film Budgeting, Film Scheduling, Callsheet Generation, Automated Script Breakdown, Collaborative Task Management, Shotlisting software, and a whole lot more.  But one thing we don’t do is scriptwriting.  Luckily, there are a lot of other people...
June 12, 2018