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San Francisco, California
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I'm the CMO of ProductionNext.   I also rep Films through Guerrilla Rep Media, where I've secured distribution for about 12 films in the past 4 years.   I'm the author of the first book on film markets, The Guerrilla Rep: American Film Market Success on No Budget.  That book is used as a text in ten film schools, and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and more than one hundred independent bookstores.  

Producer, executive producer, associate producer, and co-producer
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Every good movie has a theme to it.  In Spider Man, it’s that with great power comes great responsibility.  In Star Wars, it’s that great power can come from humble beginnings.  Themes can also be found as commentary about the world we live in.  So with that in mind, we’re sharing a...
October 9, 2018 | Screenwriting, Finding a Theme, Story
Most of us are more than a little tired of the constant talk of politics on social media.  However, as something of a political junkie and an executive producer of 8 films in the past 4 years I can tell you with some degree of certainty that following and understanding politics will make you a...
September 25, 2018
Before I was CMO of ProductionNext, I hosted filmmaking events in San Francisco as well as a few other cities.   In fact, the way I met Jim (The CEO) was at an event I hosted.  Over the years, I’ve hosted well over 50 events across 4 cities, and a lot of that is how I began to expand my...
September 18, 2018 | Networking, Event, Filmmaking, Groups