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Ben Yennie: VIDEO: 5 DIY Camera Rigs

When you’re just starting out, you can’t always afford all the camera rigs you want.  Fear not, we’ve scoured the interned to find some of the coolest and most useful camera rigs you can make yourself for not a lot of money.

First up:


This one comes at you from Collin McDowell’s youtube page.  Here’s his video.



This PVC stabilizer is dirt cheap, only costing you 13 USD and will really help you keep your DSLR stable and improve your overall production quality.  


Next up we have a double shoulder mount from Film Riot.  Here’s that video.


This rig is also a steal, only costing you 25 bucks.  It can be used for so much more than just DSLRs.  

Sounds like someone will be making a trip to home depot before long.


We’ve got a DIY Camera Stabilizer/Roller Rig from 403 Street Driven.  Here’s that Video for you.


This rig is great for holding or rolling, and is an excellent addition to any props garage.


We have a DIY SteadyCam from I Like To Make stuff.  Here’s the video.



As you can see, this is technically a camera counter-balance, not a steady cam.  However, it serves largely the same purpose on a much smaller scale.  Plus, it’s much less expensive than a steady cam rig.

And Finally:

Last up we have an overhead camera system from Darlin Orvar.  Here’s the video.  


There are a lot of commerceal applications for a rig like this.  If you’re doing a lot of corporate videos, this is probably something you want in your assortment of Rigs.  

Thanks so much for reading!  Once you’ve build your rigs, you’ll have to find a place to keep track of all the rigs you’ve built.  ProductionNext is great at that, letting you keep track all of your equipment in one central location.  Log in using the banner below to check it out.  Also, that banner will tell you all about our awesome features.  


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