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Ben Yennie: Top 10 Used and Reused Locations in Hollywood

Last week we talked about some of the most heavily used props and wardrobe in Hollywood.  This week, we’re taking a look at locations. As you’ll see, there are absolutely no shortage of used and re-used props and wardrobe.  Every Filmmaker knows that good sets are in short supply, and when you find a good one you want to make the most of it.  Here are examples of Hollywood doing just that.  Check it out, and after you’re done check out our platform, since we help you make the most of any location you have access to and use it across multiple projects.   

1. The Cosby’s and The Crew from Third Rock had the same basement

Apparently after the Huxtables moved out, the aliens moved in, because that basement looks mighty familiar. 

Photo from MemeDroid

2. The Munsters shared a home with Desperate housewives.

If the house was formerly occupied by the Munsters, we can totally see why the housewives were getting desperate.  

Photo credit: 4351 Wisteria Lane - Desperate Housewives Wiki

Photo credit: Munsters House - Pniterest, Munsters house

3. Hannibal and Richie Rich had the same house.

This house is apparently one of the biggest mansions in the US, so we get why Richie Rich lived there, but we’re a little perturbed by the fact that Hannibal lector also made an appearance or two.  

Photo Credit: Fanpop

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Youtube

4. Apparently by 1993, the Ghostbusters had moved into Auto Repair

Apparently just doing kids birthday parties wasn’t enough to keep the lights on, so with the market for paranormal investigation and extermination waning, our favorite ghostbusters rented out the firehouse to do auto-repair.  I mean, too bad they weren’t around when Jim Carrey Showed up, I’m pretty sure that mask could use some busting from the proton pack.  

Photo Credit - Ghostbusters: TheRaffron.net

Photo Credit - The Mask - Film School Rejects

5. West Beverly Hills High is also Sunnydale High.

All of the Cattyness in this show makes a lot more sense if the school was on a Hellmouth.  

Photo Credit, 90210: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Sunnydale - TV Database Wiki

6. This house has had more billionaire supervillians Titans of industry, and magicians live in it than we can count.

We know the Economy is kind of rough for everyone, but we didn’t expect all of these fictional rich dudes to share the same pad. Here’s a list.  

The Muppets, The Big Lebowski, The Prestige, The Dirty Dozen, Batman & Robin, Eraserhead, There Will be Blood, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, X-Men, The Social Network, National Treasure: Book Of Secrets, The Bodyguard, Ghostbusters II, Stripes, Lincoln, Death Becomes Her, The Dirty Dozen, The Witches Of Eastwick

Photo Credit: Games Radar+

7. The Transformers visited Hogwarts, which was also home to Robin Hood.

Alright, I’m pretty sure Mr. Weasely has something to do with the magical transforming machines if they’re showing up at Hogwarts.  And maybe Magic has something to do with Robin Hood’s Archery Skills.  

Photo credit Transformers: TV movie

Photo credit Hogwarts: ThePortalist.com

8. Billy Madisen was the original Gifted Youngster at Xaviers School.

Alright, if Billy Madisen is your original gifted youngster, maybe your school might need a rebrand.  However, mutant powers might just explain how Adam Sandler characters always end up with a ludicrously hot girl.  

Photo Credit: Screen Rant

9. Batman (1989) and Aliens Shared a set.  

The set that gave birth to the Joker is also apparently where the queen alien decided to take up residence.  

…Yeah, I’ll buy that continuity for my own personal headcanon. 

Photo Credit Games Radar+

10. Lara Croft and Batman share the same house

Reckless billionaires with a penchant for stupidly death defying acrobatics, crime fighting, and abandonment issues?  I mean, it’s clear they have the same house, the big question I have is are they dating.

Photo Credit Screen Rant

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Also, Yeah... I took a lot of these photos (And Ideas) from ScreenRant & Cracked.  Here are those links.  I know, derivative work is derivative of other derivative work.  

ScreenRant: https://screenrant.com/famous-movies-used-same-sets-reused/

Cracked: http://www.cracked.com/pictofacts-786-theres-reason-these-movie-tv-scenes-look-familiar/


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