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Ben Yennie: The Top 10 Filmmaking Organizations in the US

No Filmmaker is an island, and everyone needs support from time to time.  So with that in mind, here are 10 of our 


The Independent Television Service (ITVS) is the funding Arm for PBS Documentaries.  So if you’re interested in making documentaries, you’re going to need to be aware of them at some point.  



CAAM Is the Center for Asian American Media.  They’ve got a great Asian American Film Fest.  They also offer some great support services for Asian American Filmmakers.  OF course, I’ll admit to some bias here since they have the same office building as we do.



Frameline is among the longest running LGBT Film Festivals in the US.  They also have some distribution services that are pretty competitive for educational distribution as well as a bit of VOD.


Alliance for Women in Film

The Alliance for Women in Media is an organization for women, by women. We are committed to supporting women across all media segments, to expand networks, educate and celebrate accomplishments.

Through recognition events and professional development, our purpose is to bring talented, dedicated, established and up-and-coming women in media together. Our members benefit from shared ideas and experiences, and receive access to professional training and the acknowledgement they deserve.


Film Fatales

Film Fatales is another organization working to get more women behind the camera in the film industry.  It’s harder to join than most of the others, and the member base is also more heavily focused on directors.  


Women in Film

Women in Film is a national organization with individual chapters all over the country.  As you would expect their primary mission is to help get more women working in the film industry.  


California Arts Council

The agency's mission is to advance California through the arts and creativity. The California Arts Council is a state agency based in Sacramento, United States. Its eleven council members are appointed by the Governor and the state Legislature.


Your Local Film Commission

Local Film Commissions are on the front lines for helping filmmakers find locations, vendors, and referring them to crew.  It’s generally good to know your local film commissioner.  There is a large organization of film commissions called the Allied Film Commissioners International (AFCI for short.)  Here’s more about them, as well as a link to find your local commissions.

AFCI Member Film Commissions serve as a general resource and clearinghouse for information throughout the region and assist with the following services:


Environmental Media Association (EMA)

The Environmental Media Association (EMA), a nonprofit 501(c)3, has grown into a diverse subsection of entertainment industry tastemakers, entrepreneurs in finance and technology, and green icons dedicated to the mission of promoting environmental progress. EMA is a movement powered by celebrity role-modeling, campaign work, social media messaging, year-round programs, and three large-scale Annual events: The EMA Awards, EMA Honors Benefit, and EMA IMPACT Summit.

In Essence, the Environmental Media Association helps scientists remain louder than climate deniers.


Film Independent

According to Film Independent, they’re a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that helps filmmakers make their movies, build an audience for their projects and work to diversify the film industry. With over 250 annual screenings and events, we provide access to a network of like-minded artists who are driving creativity in the film industry.  They also run the Independent Spirit Awards.  


Thanks so much for reading!  These organizations are definitely of great help to filmmakers, but telling you about them isn’t the only value we provide.  We also have community building features and communities like these in our community groups.  Our community groups let you get questions answered by professionals, post classifieds for things you need for your shoot, find and post events, and a whole lot more.  These features are completely free, and are going to stay that way.  Sign up for them with the link below.  


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