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Ben Yennie: How to Find your Next Job on Set Using Mandy & ProductionNext

If you haven’t heard of Mandy, you should check them out.  It’s a huge network that helps filmmakers and people working in media find jobs doing what they love and building their careers.  I’m going to give you a more thorough understanding of what they do, as well as how we work with them in this blog, but, before I do, a brief disclaimer.

ProductionNext has a strategic partnership with Mandy.  We entered into this partnership because we both do things that are highly compatible with each other, and working together seems to have some really interesting opportunities.  We’re always open to opportunities like the relationship that we’re developing with Mandy, but we’re very picky about them and only work with companies we believe in.  

Our relationship is primarily one of increasing visibility and traffic between the sites -- no money changes hands, and none of your personal information is being shared with them.  Part of the relationship is me writing this article, but, honestly, there’s a good chance I would do that anyway. 

So with all of that out of the way, here’s what Mandy can do for you, and how Mandy works with ProductionNext to accomplish it.  

Mandy’s job feed keeps you up to date with jobs near you

Mandy offers its members a shockingly large collection of media jobs in many countries across the globe.  It’s very likely that there are jobs based in your city right now!  The job postings are easy to scroll through, and the Mandy search engine makes it easy to find the ones you really want.

How Mandy is integrated into ProductionNext

ProductionNext just pushed an update that connects us with Mandy in several ways.  First, when you're adding a cast or crew member to one of your projects, you can, with a click, search for people on Mandy's network who match that position and are located close to you.  You can also post your job for free on Mandy, for viewing by its members..

Finally, we've added a job feed on your home page, in the Community section: You'll see a list of recently-posted jobs that match your skills and location, and you can check them out with a click.  You'll need a Mandy membership to apply for the job, but, because of our partnership, you can get a 20% discount on that membership by using the invitation code 2277.  If you don't want to have this feed on your home page, you can turn it off via your Settings page, but we think this will be really helpful to our members who are actively looking for work. (The choice of relevant jobs is done by us; again, we are not sharing any of your personal information with Mandy.)  

We’re incredibly excited about these new features, since crewing your project is a huge pain for most filmmakers, and it’s not really something that flexes their creative muscles.  We hope to offer more integrations like this to you in the future.  

Mandy’s got some great events, possibly near you!

If you’re in New York, Georgia, or LA, Mandy has lots of events near you.  They focus on bringing great new skills and information to the general filmmaking public.  They get very high profile speakers from companies like ShareGrid, BlackMagic, and more.  We might even do an event or two with them soon, so stay tuned!

Mandy News helps keep you informed about industry players.

Mandy News is a great service offered by Mandy profiling high level individuals from the film industry.  I was flattered to be featured about a week ago.  Other interviewees include Rhenzy Feliz from "The Runaways", casting director Heather Basten, and actress Gelienne Althea, from “Snatch”. They also have great discussions about things like gender representation in film, and more similar content.  I’ve linked to the site below and my interview below that.



Remember: if you sign up for Mandy via ProductionNext, you’ll get a 20% discount on your membership by using the invitation code 2277.  And, of course, as a member of ProductionNext, you'll also get access to our full suite of project management tools including film scheduling, film budgeting breakdown, call-sheet generation, storyboard storage, animatic generation, all in one secure, cloud based ecosystem that backs up every hour and updates your entire crew within seconds of a change.  Plus, it’s free to start.  Click the banner below for more information.



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