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Ben Yennie: Filmmakers!  Stop Focusing on Making Films, Instead Build a Company.

If you’re a filmmaker, you’re probably thinking about how you can get your next project made.  For your first few projects, that’s fine.  You’ve got to figure out what sort of stories you want to tell, and what your personal style is.  However, you should also be thinking about how to make your career work in the long term.  This involves building a brand, and a company around yourself.  

Success in this industry is relying more and more around direct touch points with your audience, and how you keep them engaged.  Look at how many celebrities take the time to maintain their own Twitter accounts.  If you focus solely on each film you make, and ignore building your brand it’s very difficult to develop a relationship with your audience.   If you develop a style and a certain type of film that you make then you will be better able to make creating narrative films your day job.  

Building a company is about thinking about developing your assets.  It’s thinking about making the people who watch your film become aware of your brand.  It’s about forging a relationship with them, and reminding them that you make the type of film they want to see.  Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to open up entirely new worlds of monetization and financing opportunities.  

Developing a successful company is about far more than your relationship with your audience, it’s also about developing relationships with various crew and service providers.  Once you have a relationship with a rental house, they might give you a special rate.  Once you’d done several jobs with a gaffer, you know you can trust them.  Once you develop relationships with distributors, you’ll be able to get your film out there much more successfully.  

You’ll also develop relationships with people who own locations you’d like to shoot at.  These locations can be interesting houses, business, or even people working within film commissions who can help you find the other locations you’ll need to put together your next film.  

The assets you’ll develop when building a successful company are far more than just relationships.  Over time, you’ll develop gear, props, wardrobe, equipment and set dressing.  You’ll need to figure out what makes sense to buy, and what makes sense to rent.  Over time, you’ll accrue a closet full of props, and wardrobe, and potentially a garage full of equipment.  

If you’re a savvy filmmaker, you’ll want to keep track of all the assets your company has access to.  Well, we’re here to help you.  We let you set up those assets in our cloud-based project management system, and when the time comes we let you plug those assets into your project on a scene by scene basis.  When you move those scenes around on the stripboard, the dates you need those assets for are automatically updated. We let you do the same for cast and crew.

The people who need to be in the know on your current project can be added as members, and get up to the minute updates on everything that’s been done and what still needs doing.  

Out community features also let you find the stuff you need with classifieds.  We also help you find answers to the questions you have from the people who actually know through our targeted Q&A system.  

In essence, not only does our system give you excellent project management tools, but it gives you fantastic COMPANY management tools as well.  So if you don’t already have a free account, click the banner below to try it out.  We’d love to help you make not only your next film, but to build your company as well.  


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