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Ben Yennie: 7 Resources for Entrepreneurial Filmmakers

Entrepreneurship in filmmaking has recently come into vogue.  There are more channels and resources devoted to helping filmmakers build brands, communities and companies out of their work than there ever has been before.  There’s good reason for this, as you’ll be able to see in THIS BLOG on my sister blog over at TheGuerrillaRep.com.  But for now, check out some of our favorite resources on indie filmmaking entrepreneurship.

1. Filmtrepreneur

Our first entry is a new person to enter the fray when it comes to filmmaking entrepreneurship, although he’s far from an unknown name in the indie film space.  This is Alex Ferrari of IndieFilm Hustle and Bulletproof screenplay.  This foray into independent film entrepreneurship may be young, but it’s something that’s worth keeping your eye on.  Here’s how you can connect.

Site | YouTube | Podcast

2. Filmmaker Freedom

The Filmmaker Freedom podcast has been outlining tactics for film marketing and how to become a truly independent filmmaker for quite some time.  His newsletter is awesome and definitely worth checking out.  Rob has recently moved the site and podcast into a more overt entrepreneurial direction, and it’s worth subscribing to his work.  

Site | Newsletter | Podcast

3. FilmTrooper

The FilmTrooper podcast was one of the first on the scene that focused on the truly independent no-budget filmmaker. While Scott is no longer hosting it, the archives have a lot of content it’s worth listening to (including two posts from me!). It’s worth checking them out, as well as Scott’s book on surviving the Hollywood implosion.

Site | Podcast | Book

4. Filmmaking Stuff

Jason Brubaker is pretty much the definition of OG in this space.  His blog Filmmaking Stuff arguably started the trend of film business information being available online.  It also inspired others (including myself) to continue down the path forged by Mr. Brubaker when it came to larger business concepts.  Unlike some of the other people who have been in this space since the early days, Jason is still producing content.  Check out the great work he’s done below.

Site | Podcast | Facebook

5. Startup Filmmaker (from FilmSpecific & Stacey Parks)

If Jason Brubaker isn’t the OG in this space, Stacey Parks is.  She started as a sales agent, then built a business and a community around helping filmmakers get better distribution deals.  Her forums gave rise to many of the sales agents I still prefer to deal with to this day.  She’s rebranded from FilmSpecific to StartupFilmmaker, and it’s a great illustration of her understanding and setting trends.  Check her out via the links below.  

Site | Podcast | Facebook

6. Guerrilla Rep Media

Yeah, Yeah Yeah, I know.  I put my own blog on here so I’m just a self-promoting shill.  It’s like I’m a producer or something.  Anyway, just because I’m writing both of these blogs doesn’t mean that I don’t do a lot to support filmmaking entrepreneurship. On the Guerrilla Rep blog, I talk about filmmaking entrepreneurship, film packaging, film financing, marketing, and distribution. I’ve written a few books you can buy, and I also offer direct services to filmmakers including direct distribution and support, as well as events online and in person.  Oh, I also have all the relevant links.  

Blog | YouTube | Facebook

7. US!

Finally, it comes to ProductionNext. What is ProductionNext?  We’re one place to build your entire filmmaking career.  We have tools to manage your project, a place to manage your company and keep track of all your real-world assets that you can plug into those projects, and a community to find the stuff you need but don’t have that includes people and information.

Click this link to sign up.  



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