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Ben Yennie: 5 Great Blogs to Grow your indiefilm Skillset (Other than ours)

Being a great independent filmmaker requires constant growth.  That’s part of why we have this blog.  But we’re not the only ones sharing information on how to build a successful film company.  So in a follow-up to our post about our favorite skill-building podcasts, we’re sharing some of our favorite skill building blogs.  

Do keep in mind that my background is more in distribution and marketing than film production, so this list might skew towards business resources.  If we missed one, log in and comment it below!

1. Filmmaking Stuff

Jason Brubaker’s site Filmmaking Stuff was an early pioneer talking about the film business online.  While I may disagree with some of what he says, his blog is still seminal in terms of starting the film business blogging movement, and has had huge impact on my work.

You can find out more here.  

2. Film Specific

Stacey Parks is in the same camp as Jason Brubaker in terms of really starting the Film Business Education movement.  She built an online community that thrived, and even spawned at least one new set of sales agents.  (Shoutout to Leomark Studios).  Before Stacey started Film Specific, she was a Sales Agent traveling from market to market, so she knows the business inside and out.  

3. CreativeCOW

Suggested by someone in our facebook group, CreativeCOW has been around for quite a while, but only recently come into vogue.  Their forums and archives are deep, and the breadth of experience on the site is wide.  You can learn everything from VR Rigging to business and marketing.  I’m likely going to be spending more time their myself.  

4. NoFilmSchool

NoFilmSchool is one of the biggest filmmaking resources on the internet.  They provide lots of camera guides, how-tos, and industry news.  Most of their articles skew more towards the creative than the business of film, but they often have some great software tutorials and feature overviews.  Check them out here.

 5. IndieWire’s Filmmakers Toolkit.

Indiewire is THE source for independent film news.  Their Filmmakers toolkit is full of great articles to help you better understand this craft we all most.  As with CreativeCOW, the breadth of experience on the site is wide, but does tend to focus more on the creative aspects of film production rather than the business of buying and selling independent film.  Of course, both do get some coverage.  

Bonus! TheGuerrillaRep.com

Finally, I would be remiss to not mention my other blog, TheGuerrillaRep.com/blog.  I post to both that blog and this one on a weekly basis.  This blog is more generalized film knowledge, community articles, and film production tips, whereas my blog at TheGuerrillaRep.com is solely about financing, distribution, and marketing.  If you have any questions about any of those topics, I recommend contacting me through there.  

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