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Ben Yennie: 15 Apps to Build Your Online Filmmaking Community

While we do a lot here at ProductionNext, we don’t do absolutely everything you should be doing in terms of building your community.  Our forever free community tools that we built our filmmaking project management system on top of are primarily built around helping you get into a global and local filmmaking community than engaging with a community of potential customers for your films.  That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of our favorite tools for building a community around yourself and your film.  

Once you’re done checking out these resources, you should check out our community here on the site.  More below

Social Media Scheduling/Management

Social media is extremely time consuming.  Scheduling apps can help with that.  Here are some of our favorites.


Crowdfire is great in terms of functionality for Twitter and LinkedIn.  They have a lot of greatly streamlined follow-unfollow tools to help build your base on Twitter, and their scheduling tools are pretty easy to use.  

They’re also by far the most affordable option on this list, with plans starting free and unlimited plans starting as low as 5 bucks a month. (as of this writing). Check them out below. 



Buffer is an easy to use app that’s great for scheduling content, but lacks some of the growth functions that Crowdfire offers.  Also, it’s at least marginally more expensive depending on how many accounts you need to run.  



HootSuite is probably the longest running platform in this game.  However, it kind of shows.  I’ve found that they are not very innovative, and honestly I’m not a big fan of their interface.  That said, they’re worth checking out if you’re not seeing what you like on the other platforms on this list.  


Marketing Support/Tracking


No Filmmaker can do everything themselves, and most filmmakers didn’t get into film to become marketers.  Luckily, there’s a new Service called GenM that can help you get student marketing apprentices at a shockingly affordable price to help do the maintenance on your social media.  Check out this link below for more information.



For those of you who don’t know, Zoom is essentially a better-designed version of Skype.  They have record tools native to the platform, Their pro plan isn’t expensive, and their monthly fee for heavy users is very reasonable.  Learn more below.


Google Analytics Dashboard

If you’re not using Google Analytics to track activity on your site, you really should be.  It’s kind of intimidating at first, but there’s a whole google analytics academy you can go through and get certified on.  Get started below. 



Marketing is telling the world how great you are.  Content marketing is showing them.  Im this market, it’s absolutely essential.  Livestreaming is difficult, but it’s almost like using cheat codes to grow your fan base.  Here are some tools to help with that.  


OBS is an app that will help you stream content to Facebook.  It will also let you record flash video of your screen or whatever you’re sending out over the internet.  It’s free.  Learn more below.


Google Hangouts

Like Zoom, Google Hangouts is a Skype alternative.  The biggest advantage offered by google hangouts is the ability to take your hangout live straight to YouTube.  Get started with hangouts live using the link below.  It’s free, but you will need a google account



Unlike the other links on this list, Liveleap only shares content across platforms, but does not actually create new content.  That being said, they do help a lot when you’re getting ready to launch a livestream.


Email list management

Any Savvy Digital Marketer will tell you that you need to build and maintain a strong email list if you want to really make sales on the internet.  These platforms will help you with that. 


I use Mailchimp for my personal business where I work with Filmmakers on Distribution and promote educational events on the film industry.  I love it, it’s easy to use, and in most ways, it’s the industry leader.  I even set up a long series of automated emails to go out with digests of my blogs organized by topic and a few special offers here and there for my other site over at www.theguerrillarep.com.

We used it here at ProductionNext for a time, but then we switched to Sendgrid for technical reasons.  Learn more about mailchimp itself by clicking below.  


Constant Contact

I’ve not dealt too much with Constant Contact, but from the limited amount I have dealt with them, Mailchimp is by far the superior offering.  I’d love to hear from you if you have dealt with them, and if you prefer them to mail chimp just because I’d like to know why.  Comment below, or send me a site message here on ProductionNext.



I think Sendgrid is largely good, however I don’t think it’s the right fit for most filmmakers.  Their free plan is very limited, and the automated mail features offered by Mailchimp are great for most filmmakers, even if they’re inadequate for a deep platform like ProductionNext.  If you want more information, check out the link below.  


Getting more involved with your Filmmaking Community on both a Local and Global Scale.

Facebook: We all know that facebook has a lot of groups about Filmmaking.  Many number in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of members.  I’ve seen some great conversations going on in those groups, but for every thoughtful comment there’s a troll waiting to pounce.  If you want to check out some of these groups, just go to facebook and give it a search.  I’ll link to our page there in case you haven’t liked it yet.



I used to be quite prolific on linkedin, however since they changed the way their share tools worked, I’ve been spending less time there.  That said, you can get a lot of great information in the various filmmaking groups you can find there.  The discussion tends to be better there than on Facebook, but it’s also not as high volumes



As I mentioned at the very top of this article, We here at ProductionNext have built a strong local and global filmmaking community with deep and varied tools that are unlike any other platform.  Our base community tools enable you to get questions answered by relevant people, post classifieds, share blogs and videos, and a whole lot more.  Additionally, we have subsets of the community in the form of groups that allow all of that plus very basic project updates, events, and discussions from group members.  Again, all of this is FOREVER FREE.

Check out the banner below for more information, and we’ll see you next week!


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