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ProductionNext is a collaborative cloud-based project management system built specifically for independent film and video. We are focused on helping individual producers and enterprises handle the complexities of features, shorts, music videos, and corporate video productions, and making those productions run faster, easier, and more efficiently.

ProductionNext is designed around three specific capabilities that are critical to the success of film and video productions, but are missing from other players in this market:

  • Integration: Film and video projects have many parts — budget, cast and crew, schedule, and so on — but they all must be integrated, so that changes in one flow through to update the others. Otherwise, the complexities of keeping all those details in sync with each other will kill the project.
  • Collaboration: Making movies is a collaborative art. But tools can only truly support this collaboration if they understand and respect the ways in which producers and their teams work together, and carry those work styles into their design.
  • Community: It's hard for a producer to draw a clear line between a project and the rest of the film community and their life in it. Internet-based tools need to help producers connect themselves and their work into that community.

ProductionNext is now in public beta, taking on new members under a very attractive freemium program. We also have plans for how to move beyond simply providing tools for film and video producers, and to use our unique capabilities to stake a claim to a much larger part of the film and video business. We'd love to talk to you about them, or any other part of our business plan. Contact us at investors@productionnext.com, or on AngelList.