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Your production company

ProductionNext: Company home page from ProductionNext on YouTube.

In ProductionNext, your production company is a place to keep things that will be useful across many of your projects. For instance, the Directory is a place to keep contact information for people that you may want to use in a project, and  the Locations tab contains records of locations and sets that you have shot at or might want to shoot at someday. Similarly, you can create entries for your company's Equipment, Props, and the like,  You'll be able to connect these people, locations, sets, and equipment to your projects, and have them flow through into scenes, call sheets, and other parts of your projects' plans.

You are the only person who can define the details of your production company, via the Edit tab. However, as with projects, you can let other people -- just your project members, or the public -- see the description of your company that's shown in the Profile tab on this page. This can serve as a promotional tool for your company; visitors will see teasers of your active, public projects, as well as hold promotional videos and Journal posts that describe what your company is up to. You can find out more about this in the other sections of this page. In any case, your company was set up to be private when it was created as part of your registration on ProductionNext, and it will remain so until you change it.