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Your personal calendar

ProductionNext: Your calendar from ProductionNext on YouTube.

Your personal calendar shows you the events coming up that are directly relevant to you.  You can see all the scenes and tasks for your own projects, and the scenes and tasks that you're involved with in other peoples' projects. You don't put things directly onto the calendar: rather, the calendar is collecting these other things from your projects' activities.

Since you might be involved in several projects, there is some ability to control exactly what you do and don't see in this calendar, via the controls at the bottom of the page.  You can choose to show (or hide) your own projects' scenes and tasks, and additionally choose which of your projects' items should be shown on this page.  You can make similar choices about your scene and task assignments coming from the projects of which you're a member.

In addition, we're experimenting with allowing you to connect the events on this calendar to your other calendars on your other devices -- your computers, phones, and tablets.  This is meant to let you stay on top of your projects without needing to log into ProductionNext.  You can find out more about how this works here.