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Your company's projects

Your company's Projects page contains teaser descriptions of all your current public projects, whether public, private, or members-only. These are the same kinds of teasers that the public will see (if they're allowed to, that is), but they will also have information about the details and status of the project: number of scenes, shots, tasks, and the like.

You can also Start a new project from this page, either by importing a Final Draft document (in .fdx format) or creating it from scratch here inside ProductionNext. If you import your project's Final Draft script, we'll be able to pick out the scenes, characters, and locations you've defined in it, and set up a project with those story components.  If this option is available to you, it's definitely the way to go.

But please note: You cannot create a project and then, at a later time, add the contents of a Final Draft document to that project. Import only works as a way to create a new project. For now, anyway.