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This is your home page

It contains summaries of most of the important things that happen in ProductionNext. As a member, you can create your "production company" -- a place for your projects, links to the people you work with, and other things that are relevant to all your projects and you work with them. There's a summary of your company here, with teasers of your projects and their status. If you're a member of someone else's project, you'll see teasers for them, too.

ProductionNext: Personal tools and your profile from ProductionNext on YouTube.

When you create or edit projects or your production company, you can specify who can see it -- Just yourself, you and our project members, or the general public. There's more information about these privacy settings in the company and project sections.

You can start a project from here -- see the buttons in the Active projects section -- either from scratch or by importing a Final Draft .fdx document.

This page also has notices about things that your friends are doing, upcoming tasks, and unread messages. Browsing this page is a good way to start a day's work in ProductionNext -- it should give you an idea of what's important and what you ought to be focusing on.

ProductionNext: Community from ProductionNext on YouTube.

ProductionNext: Personal updates, messages, and the ProductionNext Blog from ProductionNext on YouTube.

For navigation purposes, you should also pay attention to the top of the page, where you'll find breadcrumbs to past pages and dropdown menus that will let you quickly dig down into project, company, community, and personal areas.