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Storyboards and animatics

ProductionNext: Storyboards and shotlists from ProductionNext on YouTube.

This panel gives you access to your project's storyboards.  These storyboards, you'll recall, can be attached to the shots that make up your project's scenes; what's happening here is all of the storyboards in your project are gathered up into a slideshow:

The dots below the storyboard panel correspond to the individual storyboards; you can jump right from one storyboard to another, without looking at all the others in between.  The spaces between the groups of dots show how the shots are grouped into scenes.  You can also see the scene and shot details in the table below. Finally, the Print button about the storyboards will create a new browser window containing the storyboards in a format ready for printing.

Storyboard animatics:

You can also turn these storyboards into a movie -- click the Create animatic button above the storyboards.  This will launch a short dialog to let you specify how long each storyboard should be on-screen and how much cross-fade you want between the storyboards.  We'll then build a movie file (an mp4, to be specific) and add it to the page:

Buttons on the panel will let you rebuild the animatic with different timings, download the animatic for use elsewhere, or delete it if you're not using it.

You can also build animatics for individual scenes -- look for the Create animatic button in the scene's shot list:

Since the scene page is structured differently than the project's Storyboard page, scene animatics are presented in an overlay box that will be launched by an Animatic button that will replace the Create animatic button when an animatic for that scene is available.  You'll figure it out.