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ProductionNext: Reports from ProductionNext on YouTube.

In this tab, we're gathering up all the different reports that exist in various points around the Project tool, and are putting them in one place where they're meant to be easy to find.

There are a lot of different kinds of reports here, and more will be added in the future.  Right now, we have these:

  • Project-level reports:
    • Budget topsheet
    • Complete budget
    • Project cast and crew
  • Shoot-level reports:
    • Call sheets
    • Sides
  • Scene-level reports:
    • Shot lists
    • Breakdown

You can create any number of reports at one time, and, once you've done so, you can print or email them to team members.  Note that if you want to print the reports, you should really click the "Print these reports" button and print the resulting page:

This will create a version of the repotrs that is designed to print especially nicely.

A final note: We know that people ;really care ;about the exact appearance of reports -- what information appears where, and how that information is presented. If our reports don't look the way you're expecting, or if you have ideas about reports that we might provide, please let us know!