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Project page

ProductionNext: The project page from ProductionNext on YouTube.

This page serves as home base for a project -- there will be one page like this for each of your projects. If you're just starting out with a project, there won't be much here. But this is most likely where you'll define the various aspects of a project and, as you do that, you'll see more and more things here. A good way to navigate around through these parts of a project is by clicking on the tabs that are probably largely hidden by this panel. You'll find them.

This page is meant to provide a high-level summary of the project -- in particular, the scenes that make up a project, the tasks that need to get done in the next week, and any documents that you've uploaded into the project. The right-hand column contains teasers for videos that you can set up for your project's staff or visitors, and some general descriptive information about the project.

As with your production company, you can control who can see your projects when you create or edit them. You can limit access to:

  • Just yourself: You'll be able to see and do everything about the project, but nobody else will have access to it at all.
  • You and your project members: Exactly what your project members will be able to see and do depends on what rights you've granted to each of them. There's more on that in the Members tab.
  • Public: Anyone who's on the site will be able to see the description of your project that's shown in the Profile tab.