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Get project announcements on Slack

You can now connect your ProductionNext projects to Slack, the widely-used team collaboration tool.  If you do this, alerts can be sent from ProductionNext to a Slack channel reporting project events like:

  • Scenes that are shooting "today"
  • Task assignments
  • Task completions
  • Tasks that are due "today"
  • Overdue tasks
  • Posting new documents
  • Posting new project journal entries
  • Sending call sheets to cast and crew

This note is meant to explain how to set up a connection between your project and Slack, not to explain Slack itself.  We're assuming that you or someone in your company is knowledgeable about Slack, and knows how to configure your account there. To show how this works, we're going to set up a connection from our demo Jabberwocky project to a new Slack channel.

 (Mercinary note: a basic Slack account is free, but If you use this link to sign up for a paid account, you get $100 off your plan (and so do we!).

(1) Set up an incoming webhook integration in your Slack account.  To do this, go to https://my.slack.com/services/new/incoming-webhook:
(2) Click on the create a new channel link (we've highlighted it in red above), which will take you to the Create a channel page:
Choose a name for the channel you'll use for ProductionNext updates.  It can be pretty much anything; we'll use jabberwocky_updates, but you'll want to use something else that's a better match to your project.  Put that name into the Name field on this form, as shown above.  Deal with the other items on the form if you like, and click Create Channel. 
(3) That click should take you back to the Incoming Webhooks page with your newly-created channel selected:
Click Add Incoming Webhooks integration
(4) Your webhook should now be created; you should see something like this:
Go to your Slack app, and your newly-created channel should be there.  It should look something like this:
Slack is ready to receive updates from ProductionNext; we now need to configure things on the ProductionNext site.  We're going to need that Webhook URL in red, so be sure to save it somewhere or keep this browser window around during the next step.
(7) Back on ProductionNext, go to your project's Edit panel, and find the Slack items towards the bottom of the form.  Put the name of the Slack channel you just made into Slack channel name, and that red Webhook URL that Slack made for you into Slack webhook URL.  Make sure you get all of the URL, even if it's spread across two lines as ours is above.  Then, pick the alerts you want to receive on Slack from ProductionNext.  At the end of all this, you should have something like this:
(8) Click Save to update your project definition.  You're done!  Your Slack channel should report that the connection was made:
You'll now receive updates like:
and other similar notifications of the events you've selected for reporting on Slack.
We'll be doing more with Slack in the future, so if you have ideas about what sorts of notifications would be especially useful, please let us know!