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Create a new project

ProductionNext: Starting a project from ProductionNext on YouTube.

This page is where you create a new project. You're just meant to state the basic information about the project -- title, log line, description, a rough schedule, and a few other things. The details about the project will be specified in the other tabs available in this page.

Note the control at the bottom of the page that lets you specify who can see the project -- yourself, your project members, or the public.

Also, you can create a new project by importing a Final Draft (.fdx) or PDF copy of your screenplan. We'll find the scene titles, locations, and characters in your file, and build a new project around them. The sections of the script corresponding to each scene will also be broken out and attached to the scene for later viewing. When you do this, you'll be able to see what we found in your script and confirm that it's correct before you actually set up the project. 

If you have both a Final Draft and a PDF file, use the Final Draft version -- it will avoid much of the guesswork that's necessary in analysing a PDF.

After doing the import, you'll still need to flesh out the details of your project: You'll need to connect the project's locations to your company's locations and sets, and determine what people from your company's Directory will be playing the characters in the project. Entries for all these characters will also be created in the budget, so you'll want to eventually specify their budget details.