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Connect your calendar to your devices

You can now connect your ProductionNext calendar to other calendar systems, like those on your phone, tablet, or computer, and so see all your upcoming scenes and tasks on your device's calendar, without having to log into ProductionNext. This is an experimental service; it works in many situations, and we are doing our best to get it working in the others.  This note explains where calendar connections work (and where they don't), and how you can set it up for your own projects and devices.

Please note: We will send to these calendars only those scenes and tasks that are scheduled to occur in the next 60 days. Past scenes and tasks will remain in your ProductionNext schedule and calendar, of course, but they will not be sent to your outside calendars.

Obviously, the most reliable information about your project is always what's on the ProductionNext site, and you should always look there for the most definitive and current project information.  But if you'd like to try this connection service, here's how to do that.

Set up the connection, and get your calendar URL.

Go to your personal calendar page and click the checkbox for "Connect this calendar to your devices".  You'll be prompted to save this change and do so. Your calendar page should now look something like this:

Now, click on the Show calendar URL link. This will open a dialog box showing your calendar URL, it will look something like this (although the exact URL will be different):
Copy this URL to somewhere safe -- you'll need it to connect your calendar to your devices.

Connecting to your devices

Exactly how you connect to your devices depends, of course, on what you're trying to connect it to. There are three general options here, and some of them work better than others.  At present:
  • Apple devices -- Macs, as well as iPhones and iPads -- can connect to your ProductionNext calendar and receive automatic updates when your project changes.  You can also request an update through the user interface.
  • Microsoft Outlook (PC) can connect to your ProductionNext calendar, but updates must be manually requested.
  • Google Calendar can connect to your ProductionNext calendar, but currently will not accept updates when your project changes.

We are working to improve the update situation for Outlook and Google Calendar, and will announce improvements when they are available.

Connecting your calendar to the macOS calendar (and, through iCloud, to iPhones and iPads):

In our tests, this connection is working well: You can set up connections from your ProductionNext calendar to your devices, and, when things change in ProductionNext, those changes will automatically be sent to your connected devices.
To connect your project to your Mac's calendar: Go into Calendar and select New Calendar Subscription...
Enter the URL into the box that appears, and click Subscribe:
You should get a new box that lets you give the calendar a name and choose how often the calendar should refresh (if at all). In addition, if you set Location to iCloud (instead of On My Mac), the calendar will also be added to any of your other iCloud-connected devices, like an iPhone or iPad. In any case, fill out the details the way you want them, and click OK.
Your ProductionNext calendar should then appear in the Calendar app, along with whatever events or tasks you asked to be shown:
If you created the calendar in iCloud, it may take an hour or so for it to appear on your iPhone or iPad, but it should eventually get there.

Connecting your calendar to iOS Calendar on iPhones and iPads:

If you have an iPhone or iPad but not a Mac, or if you don't use iCloud, you can still add your ProductionNext calendar to those devices, as shown below. The images here are from an iPhone, but the same method will work on an iPad.

Go to Settings > Calendar > Accounts, which should look something like this:
Tap Add Account:
Tap Other:
Tap Add Subscribed Calendar and enter the calendar URL you got above into the Server field:
and tap Next.  You should get a configuration page:
You can change the Description field, but leave the Server field alone.  The other fields can be left alone.  Tap Save.  Your calendar should now appear in your list of Subscribed Calendars:
and will appear in your list of Calendars:
and, of course, in the Calendar itself, along with the events and tasks from your project:

Connecting your calendar to the Microsoft Outlook (PC) Calendar:

As noted above, the Outlook Calendar only partly works with our calendar connection process.  You can add your ProductionNext calendar to Outlook, and you can manually, through the Outlook interface, update it to pick up any changes that might have taken place since you added it.  However, it will not automatically run these updates by itself.  We are exploring this situation and hope to know more later.
To connect your calendar to Outlook, open Outlook and go to the Calendar section -- click on the small calendar icon in the bottom left corner of the window.
Click on the File tab...
Click on the Account Settings button and the Account Settings... tab that follows..
In the Account Settings panel, Click on the Internet Calendars tab, and then click New...
Enter your calendar URL into the field in the popup window, and click Add.
On the Subscription Options panel, you can enter a better name for the calendar than the default name that will be provided, if you like. Leave the other fields alone, and click OK.
You'll be back on the Account Settings panel; click the Close button and go back to the main Calender view.  Click on the Other Calendars triangle, and your connected calendar will be listed there:
Click the checkbox to show its contents:
To manually update the calendar: Click on the Send/Receive tab at the top of the window...
...and click on Send/Receive All Folders: This will request a new set of events from your project, and update your calendar accordingly.

Connecting your calendar to Google Calendar

At present,  Google Calendar does not work well with our calendar connection process.  You can add your ProductionNext calendar to Outlook, but it will not update when your project changes either automatically or manually.  This may change in the future; if you want to try it:
Go to your Google Calendar page, click on Other Calendars, and then click on Add by URL:
Enter the calendar into the space provided and click Add Calendar.
Your calendar will be added to your Other Calendars group, and the events and tasks from your calendar should appear.  But again, updates are not likely to appear until we have more news to report.