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Cast and crew

ProductionNext: Cast and crew from ProductionNext on YouTube.

In ProductionNext, your project's cast and crew are all the people that will be taking part in your project. They'll be ordered into categories, like so:

You can add a new position to the project via the Add a position to the project button, where you can specify the position you're adding and the person who will fill that position. You can pick someone from your Directory or add a new person (who will automaticaly be added to your Directory). Or, if you don't know who will be filling the position, leave it blank and specify it later.

You can assign cast and crew to specific scenes by opening the scenes field:

Here, you can specify the scenes where this person will be needed on set: Click them, and save your changes. You can also turn on the Automatic Add feature for this person: They'll be automatically added to any scene that you add to the project.

You can place cast members in a specific order via the Reorder button -- this will determine the order in which they'll appear in the project's call sheets.

Finally, when you add someone to the project, an entry will appear for them in your project's budget. We don't know how much that person will cost, of course; that's a detail that you should define in the budget.