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ProductionNext: Budgeting from ProductionNext on YouTube.

This budgeting tool works with other parts of ProductionNext to help you stay on top of your project's always-evolving finances. You can add or modify budget items here, whether newly-arranged financing events or upcoming expenses. Expense items can be priced as a flat rate or by the hour, day, week, or month, and can be marked as deferred or donated, if that's the case. Deferred expenses will show up in your Fundraising section as Future liabilities; donated expenses will appear as Soft money.

In addition:

  • When you add a new person to your project's Cast and Crew, a corresponding entry will be made in your budget for that person, in the appropriate category. How and what you pay this person is of course out of our hands, so those items will be marked as an unspecified expense for you to fill in later.
  • Similarly, if you add a person directly into the budget, a corresponding entry will be made in the project's Cast and Crew. You'll probably want to connect that entry to someone in your company's Directory, which you can do in the Cast and Crew section.

The budget projections section allows you to set projected expenses for each of the categories below.  We can then track your actual expenses against these projections, and let you know where you are on or off track.