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Asset managers

If you need help creating assets in your company -- in particular, locations, equipment, props, set dressing, or wardrobe -- you can give people you have added to your directory the ability to manage those items. Once you have done this, they will be able to go to the appropriate areas of your production company and add, edit, or delete those items. These people (obviously) will need an account on ProductionNext, but a free account will be sufficient.  They do not need to be a member of any of your projects, but they can be.

To give someone this permission, edit their directory entry: Find them on your Directory page and click "Settings" in the dropdown menu on the far right end of their entry.  The panel that appears contains a checkbox that, if set, will give them the necessary permission:

A new "Asset managers" tab in your production company area will show you a list of all the people who you've set up as asset managers:

And, your asset managers will see a new box on their home page noting their asset manager status in your company, and giving them easy access to those areas:

You can give or take away these permissions at any time.  If you take this permission away from someone, the items they created in your production company will remain part of your company.