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ProductionNext / Los Angeles

A gathering place for ProductionNext members in Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California

This is a group that is meant to serve as a general gathering place for ProductionNext members in the Los Angeles area. We here at ProductionNext are managing it at the moment, but we're very interested in finding someone local to run it. If you're interested, please contact us at groups@productionnext.com.

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Recently added member projects

How fast did Jabberwocky change things? Just watch.
The first movie promised to change things so much, they fast tracked the film to make an international version.   But the treatment was missing a page, and there wasn't much for those poor...
Not only does every movie tell a story, but every movie has one. This is how we show people how...
Jabberwocky is so new and innovative, we can't give too much away about it.  Because really, products are for people without presentation skills.   

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A witty cartoon illustrated and animated by David North

A witty cartoon illustrated and animated by David North - fan project, please check out the 'Parapod podcast' (parapod.com to have more laughter). 
https://www.facebook.com/david.north.3386   The original inspiration https://youtu.be/HuTsp3itCRw  The ParaPod Movie - Official Trailer: 11,776...

A 90-minute Webinar about the American Film Market featuring Ben Yennie and Tanya Kersey

If you want to make a living as a filmmaker while making anything except commercials or industrials, you're going to have to attend the American Film Market. But AFM has a culture all it's own, and without some guidance, it's hard to find success. That's why we're happy to bring you this webinar...

Recent member journals

Since it’s Festivals month at ProductionNext, we thought we’d give a guide to our readers who are approaching completion of their first feature film on how best to use festivals in order to get the most out of them.  We’re not trying to replicate the 50 film festivals worth the entry fee...
It’s March, so the Oscars are old news, but if you’re a Savvy Filmmaker, you’ll be planning on how to build your audience for the future.  Nothing does that quite like saying that you’re an Academy Award nominated (or winning) filmmaker.  But how do you actually qualify for the best...
In general, there are only a couple of viable ways to start out your filmmaking career.  One is to join the studio system and hope you have what it takes to rise through the ranks.  The other is to build an audience, raise the money you need to make the films yourself, and do your damnedest to...

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Recent Q&As

Jeffrey Scott posted a question to screenwriters, writers, and directors:
I'm working with this new director, and we've decided we want to bring on a new writer to do a final draft of the screenplay, but I'm not sure how we should structure such a deal.   Would...
2/3/16 10:16 pm
Jeffrey Scott posted a question to executive producers and producers:
I'm not sure what the best way to finance a movie is.  With all the work and low wages we have to put in, as we;ll as deffered costs and donated favors we have to pull in, (thank god...
3/11/15 10:47 am
I need a Camera in Boulder for the Jabberwockey Project, any locals know where the best place to get an Arri Alexa is?
11/7/13 5:17 pm

Recent classifieds

I just got myself a brand new office at the 9th Street Independent Film Center, and I'm looking to rent a couple of desks. If you're looking for a place to work that isn't your kitchen or...

5/7/18 2:33 pm

I need somebody to pull together a usable trailer from the near-final version of my project.  It needs to fit in with a bunch of other projects, so it needs to be in Final Cut.  Compensation TBD;...

8/1/14 5:13 pm