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Producer Foundry

A Business School for Independent Film and a Community for Entrepreneurial Filmmakers.
San Francisco, California

We are a group of film and media producers with the entrepreneurial spirit. We are a hub for filmmakers who think like entrepreneurs (or who want to think like entrepreneurs), creating projects that actually make money. We are a place to gather and talk about the challenges of living and working in independent film, and to meet people who can help you overcome those challenges. We are a nexus for filmmakers who realize you can't make a movie by yourself, and that there's so much more to filmmaking than just making the film.

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Hi Group! I'm putting together a presentation for film and production school seniors and grad students focusing on starting your career. Ben made some excellent points in his article, 7 Pieces of Advice from an Executive Producer to a Film Student. Aside from building your social media brand and networking what are some suggestions you would give to a new grad looking to get into the business? Thanks! Steve ---- Steve Lack US Business Development Manager The Mandy Network 646-854-5789 stevel@mandy.com
5 comments | 8/31/18
Hey All, We're having a pretty big influx of people to the group, so I thought I'd start an introductions thread. So if you're seeing this, please add a comment with the following. I'll Start after I post this. 1. Where you're from 2. What you do in film 3. What's the last film you saw in a theater?
Considering crowdfunding your feature film? This timeline can help you prep. https://www.theguerrillarep.com/blog/april-04th-2018

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The escapades of a guy who owns a pot store.
Elgin has never been what you would call a go-getter. He always seemed to fail at everything. Then he created a brand new strain of a marijuana bud. He decided to open his own pot store...
Think "Back to the Future" meets the History Channel
When a brother and sister learn, from their grandfather, that they can travel back in time, and visit some of our countries greatest historical figures. When those from history are still in their...
ESTECO, LA SOBERBIA,LA SODOMA SURAMERICANA Obra digna de ser patrocinada para cine, teatro y televisión, necesito una productora, que distribuya y financie impresionante historia real,...

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What they don't teach you in Film School

This will be a personal Producer instuctor workshop where each student will learn how each crew position helps create characters and the storyline on set. Not only actors create characters, the crew helps develop the character performance and their personality. This is NOT a bootcamp or will you...

Teens be creative, and inspired by the professional filmmakers introduced to the creativity &...

Quiet On The Set! Teen Filmmakers Program, LLC teaches film production to inner city urban teens from scriptwriting, cinematography, to the editing of their own film. The process of the program provides teens with opportunities to be creative, and inspired by the professional filmmakers that...

A 90-minute Webinar about the American Film Market featuring Ben Yennie and Tanya Kersey

If you want to make a living as a filmmaker while making anything except commercials or industrials, you're going to have to attend the American Film Market. But AFM has a culture all it's own, and without some guidance, it's hard to find success. That's why we're happy to bring you this webinar...

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While we’re proud of our film budgeting software, we know that we’re far from the only game in town.  So, we thought we’d list our major competitors for film budgeting software, list their pros, cons, and cost in one single blog for easy access. Movie Magic Movie magic is the industry...
While we’re proud of the scheduling and stripboard features, we know there are others in the game.  So, we thought we’d acknowledge what our competitors do well, point out their flaws, and show how we compare in price.   Movie Magic Movie magic is the industry standard, and if we’re...
Last week we talked about some of the most heavily used props and wardrobe in Hollywood.  This week, we’re taking a look at locations. As you’ll see, there are absolutely no shortage of used and re-used props and wardrobe.  Every Filmmaker knows that good sets are in short supply, and when...

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