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Production tools and community for your students. Administrative support for you

Imagine a fully-featured production management system that supports your students through all stages of film and video production. Then, imagine that this system also connects your students to each other, your instructors to your students, and everyone to other filmmakers around the world. That's what ProductionNext can do for your school.

World class production management tools for your students

Give your students the tools they need to learn and master the complexities of planning and executing film and video projects. ProductionNext offers a full suite of tools and services to take your students from script to screen: scheduling, budgeting, breakdown, tasks, cast and crew management, messaging, call sheets, support for props, wardrobe, and other equipment, and a lot more. From the beginning, ProductionNext has been designed to support the collaboration that is an essential part of filmmaking: Project leads can invite other people to join their project and take part in its planning and execution, with permissions that match their roles in the project.

Stripboard: Start your project by importing your Final Draft document, and get a stripboard (and more!) with a couple of clicks.
Breakdown: Build your breakdown scene by scene, with direct connections into the project's props, wardrobe, and such.

A common database insures that changing one part of a project will automatically update everything that depends on it. For instance, adding a new crew member also adds that person to the budget, and rescheduling a scene updates the schedule for the people and resources that are assigned to it. Built in a secure cloud, accessible through any web browser, ProductionNext is available to you and your students anywhere, at anytime.

Powerful student support tools for you and your school

ProductionNext provides a special set of tools that allows instructors to track and manage their students' status and progress through their projects. Your students' work can be monitored through our "executive dashboard", which provides a concise summary of that project's status, including its schedule, budget, and tasks. These reports are built directly from the student's activity in ProductionNext ? neither staff nor students need to do any additional work for the reports to be created.

Executive Dashboard: Get the big picture about your students' projects: Track their progress, budgeting, shoots, and tasks in a single, easy to read display.
Groups: A private, secure place just for your school lets your students share their work, discuss hot topics, track upcoming events, access documents, ask each other questions, and more.

In addition, our Groups facility gives you and your students a private, secure collaboration place that is fully integrated with their work in ProductionNext: Students can share their projects, videos, and writings with other class members, ask each other questions, and carry on conversations about class-relevant topics. Your faculty and staff remain in control of the space, and can use the space to post school event announcements and documents for student reference and download. Easy access for them; easy management for you.

Finally, our community features help your students extend their reach into the broader film community. Students can choose to share their project profiles, videos, journals, and other activities with all ProductionNext members and the outside world, increasing the visibility of their work and building their connections into the worldwide network of filmmakers.

There's a ProductionNext plan for every school

Our educational plans make ProductionNext extremely affordable. Since different schools fund their courses and student activities in different ways, we offer a set of annual plans that allow schools to find the balance between school and student payments that makes the most sense for them. Regardless of the pricing plan chosen for students, complementary accounts are provided for your school's faculty and staff.

"As an instructor teaching producing and marketing for independent film in one of the few college film departments in the Seattle area, I use ProductionNext to teach my students the fundamentals of strategic planning to launch pre-production, as well as how to create budgets, break down scripts, create shot lists and generally communicate with crew members.

There's nothing else like it on the market that even compares for the cost, given how robust ProductionNext is. This is a must-have tool for anyone teaching the fundamentals and best practices of making films from concept to pre-production through post."

Lorraine Montez
Evergreen Community College

ProductionNext has also been designed to help your students transition from their education into the real world. When your students leave your school, their accounts can be transitioned into regular ProductionNext accounts: All their personal work remains as part of their account, but they no longer have access to the school-specific groups and content.

With ProductionNext, students get the tools they need to build their production team, plan their project, and collaboratively execute it. Faculty members get their own set of tools that allow them to track the students' performance, and guide the students towards success. All of this happens within a secure environment that creates a community around your students and faculty, helps them share and learn from each others' activities, and lets them reach out, in controlled ways, to the worldwide film community. And it all comes at an very affordable price.

ProductionNext offers your school capabilities that are simply unavailable anywhere else. We look forward to starting a conversation about how we can work together.

Educational pricing plans
Total cost to student Total cost to school Maximum students
$24.95 / year:
About $2 per month!
$0 Unlimited
$9.95 / year:
Less than $1 per month!
(billed at $1500 / year)
Up to 100
$0 $200 / month
(billed at $2400 / year)
Up to 100

Contact us at filmschools@productionnext.com, or call us at 415-627-7516.