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What browsers are supported by ProductionNext?

ProductionNext works well with the following desktop browsers:

  • Internet Explorer and Edge (Windows)
  • Chrome (all platforms)
  • Safari (OS X)
  • Firefox (all platforms, although some issues are still cropping up here.  I'd stay with one of the above browsers for now.)

Opera is currently not supported on any platform.

Tablets: ProductionNext currently works pretty well on iPads with Safari or Chrome, although it has not been rigorously tested there, nor has it been optimized for tablet/touch usage.  (Translation: It should work, but you're kinda on your own.)  The site seems to work on Android/Chrome tablets, but this has had very little testing and optimization, and is not recommended at this time.

Phones: You will probably not be happy with using ProductionNext on a phone at this time.  Usage here is not recommended, and we are unlikely to be very responsive to phone-specific site issues at this time.  In reality, having ProductionNext on a phone is not a matter of getting the existing site to work in a phone browser, but rather understanding what people would want and need from ProductionNext on a phone, doing some serious design work, and building a site or app to implement that design. That's a Big Deal that we hope to be able to address in the future.