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A pickpocket falls in love with a pianist who leads her on a chase through Athens, with the police right behind them.
http://robertmaclean.blogspot.gr/2010/11/rainer-maria-rilke_23.htm Sexy puckish pickpocket Becky is teasing a wallet out of a purse on a crowded Athens metro when she notices beautiful callow Miranda, and falls in love. Miranda escapes her, Becky escapes the purse-owner, and the chase is on—through the picturesque Athens labyrinth, past street musicians who make the film’s music. Oops, Becky picks the pocket of a policeman on vacation, and he’s obsessed with catching her. “My name is Wesley Stankovitch! I don’t care if it doesn’t sound British, I am a police detective with New Scotland Yard—No! I’m on vacation! My pocket has just been picked and I have a photograph of the culprit! Now can I have some men over here!” They send him a policewoman, whose captain distrusts her, especially when she gets pregnant on the job. Becky’s father doesn’t know what his daughter is up to, in any sense. But her psychiatrist gets it as it happens, and she and...
Pas de deux teaser
The modern Don Juan is a woman in disguise—both a womanizer and a manizer—and she’s on trial for her life.

The modern Don Juan, in this romantic comedy, is a woman in disguise—both a womanizer and a manizer, and active in both fields. Famous, indeed legendary, she wears high boots, a flowing white shirt and a stylish little mustache, as if she’d just stepped out of the 17th century—everything but the sword. Ah, but now she’s on trial for murder, and making a video about what really happened, for the judge she dares not face in person. http://robertmaclean.blogspot.com/2010/11/picasso.html