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About ProductionNext

ProductionNext is a market network for the film and video production industry. A suite of next-generation, media-specific project management tools allows us to connect filmmakers with not only other filmmakers, but also a wide range of vendors and service providers, such as equipment providers, film commissions, and prop houses. Filmmakers get a greatly streamlined workflow, vendors get new, direct connections to their customers, and ProductionNext gets a place at the center of the commerce that happens among them.
Jim Miller: Founder/CEO

Jim brings a deep understanding of user experience, interaction design and development, and Internet communities from a career spent at Apple, HP Labs, Gateway, and, most recently, as an independent design and development consultant. He has several patents in computing technology and interaction design, and is a past chair of SIGCHI, the worldwide, 5,000-member ACM special interest group devoted to user experience and human computer interaction.

Ben Yennie: Co-Founder/VP Business Development

Ben Yennie was VP of Sales for Taal, a mobile video interview platform for the hospitality industry. He is the founder of Producer Foundry, a center for workshops, networking, and entrepreneurial training for film and video producers. He is the author of The Guerrilla Rep: American Film Market Distribution Success on No Budget, a book used as a text in film schools across the country, and has represented and worked with sales agents to sell nine feature-length films in domestic and international markets to Starz and other prominent media outlets. His experience provides ProductionNext with a solid understanding of the operational and business sides of film and video production, and with excellent connections into the production industry and film schools.