ProductionNext is a collaborative cloud-based project management system built specifically for independent film and video. We're a great solution for handling the complexities of live action indie features, shorts, music videos, and even corporate video — we can help you make your productions run faster, easier, and more efficiently.

We know you have a choice of tools for managing your productions, from do-it-yourself collections of Google Docs and spreadsheets to commercial packages that can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. So, what's so different — and important — about ProductionNext?

Like the others, we have the usual project management features covered: scheduling, budgeting, breakdown, task management, and all that. But there are three principles about ProductionNext that we think are unique to us, and that will open up real opportunities for you:


Your project is all one big interconnected thing -- the breakdown is part of the budget is part of the cast and crew list is part of the schedule. These things have to be integrated, or you'll be killed with double and triple entry, keeping them all in sync.

So, with ProductionNext:

  • Your budget, breakdown, cast and crew, and company resources are completely integrated: Adding something in one place adds it everywhere it's needed, so nobody and nothing gets forgotten.
  • We track all these interconnections for you, and help you find conflicts before they become real problems — you'll never double-book an actor or a camera again.
  • If (well, when) your shooting schedule changes, everything gets updated, so you always know the impact of a change on the availability of your cast, crew, and resources.

Making movies is a collaborative art -- we all know that. But tools can only truly support this collaboration if they understand and respect the ways in which you work, and carry those work styles into their design.

So, with ProductionNext:

  • You can invite your team into your project, and give them exactly the kinds of permission you want them to have, based on their job requirements: The Executive Producer has full control of the budget and financing, but not the shotlist.
  • Threaded comments throughout the site let everyone be heard, for easy and clear communication.
  • Integrated messaging, call sheet distribution, and Slack integration keep everyone on the same page.

It's hard to draw a clear line between your project and the rest of the film community and your life in it. Internet-based tools ought to help you connect yourself and your work into that community, rather than being a 90's-era software silo from which you can't escape.

So, with ProductionNext:

  • Our Executive Dashboard keeps your investors, distributors, and instructors informed about what they need to know about your project.
  • CrewSearch helps you find people close to your project locations, and build your crew quickly and effectively.
  • Share your work, questions, and interests with other members of the global ProductionNext community.
  • Find new colleagues, and find new work for yourself.
We're building ProductionNext around these principles, because we believe it's time for things to change. It's time for you to get to know a set of tools that is designed around the big picture of how you work. If you're tired of dealing with other approaches that frustrate you more than they help you, come along and join our Public Beta program. We'd love to have you here. Join the ProductionNext Public Beta!
Lorraine Montez

Director, Abundant Productions

"ProductionNext is rapidly proving itself to be the perfect, accessible answer for filmmakers' production needs. From producers to first ADs, to department keys, it provides everyone on your team a fast, easy, reliable way to do their work."

Mark Schwab

President, Diamond in the Rough Films

"ProductionNext proved to be invaluable as we put together our feature film. Having all of the key pre-production, production and post-production information available online instead of in a closed system allowed all of the department heads to easily stay on the same page. Keeping your movie's information organized has never been easier or more accessible. ProductionNext is now our go-to program for all of our future projects!"

Joanne Butcher

Consulting Producer

"ProductionNext is a really great tool! I love it when a filmmaker uploads the script, and ProductionNext magically organizes it! It really does seem like magic! To have budgets, shot lists, stripboards, crew and cast calls, and location information, all in one place, makes everything seamless."


ProductionNext is currently in Public Beta: we're adding to and improving our tools all the time, and we're also offering them to you at a price lower than anyone else on the market. During Public Beta:

  • You can join any project started by other ProductionNext members completely free.
  • If you want to start your own projects, you'll get a 14 day free trial on the program, where you can start as many projects as you want.
  • After the free trial, it's only $99.95 for unlimited projects for an entire year, and you can invite your friends to join them completely free.

This offer will expire once we leave Public Beta, so sign up NOW! We'd love to have you and your team as members.

Join the ProductionNext Public Beta!
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